Living with an allergy can be difficult, especially for children. While the number of people with food allergies increases, the medical approach to educating people about allergies stays the same. We need to find a new approach to making allergies visible in society and make it easier for friends and family to learn more about their allergy. Technology today means we’re better connected than ever before and sharing information just keeps getting easier. So why not harness some of this technology and create an online platform where peo- ple (parents for example) can create a profile for their child and share all the information about their allergies. Not just the stuff they can’t eat or do but also all their favorite foods and the things they love to do. ALLIVE is a simple and effective way for par- ents to share the necessary information about their child’s allergies with those who need it, and it’s easy to update because as we know kids grow and change quickly and allergies can grow and change too.     Feel free to contact us:  bieke@allive.com     And to spread the word: Allive_OnePager