Who Is Allive?

Our European operations consist of more than 4000 hectares (nearly 10,000 acres) in the Baltic states, which are expected to yield approximately 3000 metric tons of premium organic hemp. Approved seed varieties, suitable for climatic conditions, are overseen by agronomists who rely on techniques like crop rotation to neutralize the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Seed cleaning takes place at our AA rated BRC-certified facilities, utilizing an organic certified process (Log5 certified) that removes contaminants while minimizing damage to beneficial compounds.

In North America, we grow pure 100% Canadian Hemp sourced from the prairies. Implementing the same high standards used in our European operations, we work one-on-one with farmers to supply the high-quality Canadian hemp in demand around the world.

Besides acting as a global bulk hemp ingredient supplier, our holdings include Planet Hemp Superfood and Praise Hemp. By combining best-in-class innovation, with an exciting product development pipeline and team, we’re continually on the lookout for first-to-market launch opportunities. Our mission is to promote hemp as a sustainable ingredient for everyday life, whether it’s in the form of nutrient-rich superfoods, therapeutic applications, or fiber for textiles.

At Allive, we’re working to improve health and wellness through the responsible development of hemp-based consumer products. Underpinning our success is a team that plans, strategizes, and leads by example, leveraging a tremendous depth of talent and know-how to grow operations, execute on our business plan, and build value for shareholders and partners.


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Our goal is to utilize the entire hemp crop, leaving nothing to waste.

We’re on track to minimize the environmental impacts associated with our industry. From the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to the preservation of soil and water, Allive is out to exceed best practices and ensure our operations have a positive effect on nearby communities

As a sustainable crop, hemp enriches nutrient-depleted soil and reverses the effects of erosion. Our team of agronomists work directly with farmers, offering guidance and tips throughout the growing and harvesting process. Any unused biomass left behind from the harvest is returned to the soil, creating a micro-nutrient-rich environment that reduces the need for fertilizers.

Historically the biggest challenge in our sector is the disposal of seed husks after processing. To offset this, Allive has invested in composting technology that transforms previously unusable outputs, such as shells and oil sediments, into a soil-ready fertilizer that provides vital nutrients for hemp plants and other crops. We have also teamed up with manufacturers who are researching how hemp waste may be harnessed for biofuel, thereby reducing global reliance on oil and gas.

As a natural carbon sink, one hectare of industrial hemp absorbs as much as fifteen tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. Thanks to investments in cleaner agricultural machines and factories, the emissions released during processing are far less than what’s absorbed during the growing cycle. From seed to shelf, we are a carbon negative organization.

While we have already achieved significant environmental milestones, we’re on the lookout for new challenges and opportunities. As part of our global mission to create a greener, more sustainable future, we engage in open collaboration with environmentalists, governments, and academics, while investing in game-changing technologies that work to improve processes and reduce our impact on the earth.


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We are Allive

As an evolving industry, we maintain an engaging workplace where people can grow and learn. We’re always looking for smart, dedicated people who are ready to go the extra mile, embracing our values-driven culture while delivering the bottom-line results that propel the team forward.

We’re committed to the responsible development of the hemp industry in the global market.

By bringing together cultivars, product developers, and brand specialists, we’re spearheading product innovation and advancing distribution networks to support partners ready to meet growing demand for quality products in the medical, consumer, and wellness markets.

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